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I didn't expect it to be so short!  It was lovely though. I was captivated already  with just the beginning. Deity-related  lore is  something  I'm fond  of  so I'm  genuinely hoping there's  more. I love  the art  style too!  

I may or may not have scared my mom when I let out a tiny scream upon seeing your reply. Heh.

Thank you for sharing!

And on the contrary, I think the paper will be about the success of adaptations (and why we should make more!) Many great pieces of literature are adaptations, or to a degree, always drawing inspiration from the past and, in a sense, cultivating it in the present. The greatest beauty, at least in my opinion, is the dialogue between "inspiration" and "output;" how Austen pervades it but the strength of your voice shines through, yadda yadda.

 And the game is literature, albeit in an unorthodox form. It's already incredible yet still teeming with so much potential. Writing a novel or another great epic poem is one thing, but straight forward. Games like these are an entirely different cup of tea altogether and an entirely more challenging mode of writing (and that doesn't even include making the art and programming the game!), and they take "losing yourself in literature" to a whole different level because of how interactive it is. People re-read books and the like, but they follow the same path, ultimately they lead to the same ending. There's a beauty in that in itself, of course. But people re-play these games, and look at the paths they can take, the endings they'll reach. The experience of literature is different, but nonetheless amazing.

So, you're honestly brilliant. And gods, I wish for you only the best. Thank you, again!

Short but entertaining! Very well done, this game made me scream. And by scream I mean, scream in horror and frustration as I never actually got the chance to finally organize my books.

It's such a good game and it has so much potential it has me looking forward to Galaxy Angels (or Galaxy Girls as it's up on Steam). Perhaps it's because of how short the game is that the romance appears to be a bit forced (or maybe I just find the day counter rather disconcerting). Nevertheless, I enjoyed the couple of hours I spent playing.

It's easy to see why Kotoha would be the easiest ending to get, so of course I gravitated towards romancing Sara. It's always more fun when there's more difficulty and angst involve (all characters included, considering Kotoha's position). I was thinking of how Sara and Erica would build a relationship during their voyage and at the end of it, somehow, someway, the fiance finds a way to get to their destination and Sara steps off the ship and sees him, and what then?

I suppose that's already too wild of a leap considering the science of the games universe. Which brings me to my last point. I think, for me, the most interesting part of this whole game (yes, even more interesting than the very lovely, queer women) was the lore. I hope we get to see more of the science and history of the Blossoms universe.

Over-all, thank you for this game; I can't wait for the new one to be released!

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I know the major influence of your game was Austen, but part of me was wondering if you drew inspiration from Woolf (or Sackville-West). Something about the dialogue seems so familiar, but I can't place my finger on it. Though admittedly, I've never really read any of Austen's work (ironic, consideing I'm an English literature major). Curiously enough, this may have convinced me to try her at least once (it's  a miracle on that note). 

I'm enjoying the game so far, and I don't think I'll could go on reading Austen's Northanger Abbey without wishing it to be more queer. It's been a year, but I do hope you'll still be (or are) continuing working on this; it's amazing and has so much potential. 

I wish you luck and more inspration (for this and any other future endeavors)!

On a slightly different note, and perhaps this will sound weird, but part of me can imagine enjoying writing a paper on yours and Austen's versions of Northanger Abbey (it's how I express my love).

It's gay and it's Iliadic, two things I'm particularly in love with. (To be fair, the Iliad in itself is already homoerotic what with Achilles and Patroclus). I enjoyed playing it for a number of reasons.

1. It's interactive. Kinetic visual novels are great when all you want to do is read and not have to think about the many endings you could reach, but interactive VNs are still the best.

2. It's short but it doesn't really sacrifice the characterization of either characters, especially if you play through all the endings. In addition to that, the endings are all very in-character. (I've never liked, much less loved, bad endings before and disliked good endings, but hey here we are. The best endings, especially the two with Penthesilea, are still my favorites though.)

3. The characters aren't perfect. Holy shite if I don't have a thing for really flawed characters.

4. The Iliad holds a special place in my heart, it's gay, and IT'S FRIGGING SET IN SPACE THANK U VERY MUCH

I'm so glad I accidentally discovered this game (while I was supposed to be doing my papers oops).

I was slightly disappointed when I reached a dead end at Elena's path. I liked her, such a pity. :P I do hope you guys do get the opportunity to further the game. I wish I could contribute, but sadly, I still have no means of doing that (at least, I don't, until I graduate, which is a relatively long time from now).

But, anyways, it's a great game so far! I love the art and the music, and the lit major in me is basking under the glory of the story. I do have a minor issue though, I can't save the game. I think the error is that there's no valid save location?