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I legit played this last month, this is fr 


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I played this game a few days after it's release (so it's been a year since I played, meaning this is a replay) , I played it several times on my Ipad because of the fact that I could not stop myself from playing this game; In fact, I played this game before I downloaded on, making it my first ever game played on this site

I remember when people wouldn't stop about the day 6-9 prototype, And I know it might be the case because there are still no updates so I'll be waitingg

Literally one of the best games, please make a 6-9 day release

This game was the second game I was introduced to in

I remember first playing this game, when the game cut off at Darren and Baxter going to their homes with Qiu and that was it. But after a few months, I finally came to this game by chance and replayed it with full version this time.

it is legitimately one of the best games I have ever been introduced to my whole damn life

I'll wait for the full version, never stop blowing up your ideas, love you creator 

I'm wheezing vor hard after what you zsaid

Although it took me a few tries to get all the endings because I'd sometimes miss stuff or lag during investigation in the time pond, I feel that the game is really awesome

I do wish we could have had  the invar route, otherwise I really like this game

The game kind of surprised me when I first played it cause I was like what is going on, and then I went up with the routes, and surprisingly, I got more surprised

I like the characters, the plot, the damn game, the home title art is SO good too

Also I do wish we had gotten voice acting cause It's kind of tiring voicing them all while playing the game and shitting my brains out every 5 minutes but I really like the self voicing enabling thing cause It makes me laugh and I find it appreciating and nice 

I really like this game

(I wrote this review cause I was bored and it worked '-')

or you just choose all top options in general for second ending

for second ending, when you get the letter or write the letter for alexander in day three, you just need to choose all of the top options

for the first good ending, you mostly need to do the top choices and only 2-3 bottom choices; make elowen love cassidy and screw alexander

Her cheer at the 2nd ending was cute, I loved it 

Literally cheered after getting a good ending after the first three bad endings, I was so happy 

I love these mfs