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tea time should be relaxing


did you mean to reply to another game? I don't think the camera comment applies here or maybe I missunderstood

Only 8 ratings on my submission!


Fun game!

I loved tapper and this feels great 

Hey :I Will check yours.

Here's mine

Always fun to play snake and remember that damn nokia 1100

Thanks :)


Everything... The idea, the visuals, the audio, the theme! NICE

Thanks for the feedback!
Indeed you can only double jump if your first jump is from a platform. Basically you can only jump once in the air, no matter how you got there

Very fun!

honor system

I just want to eat some birds


I agree with your take, the time wasnt enough for us to do that sadly

The game bugs when you buy too much 'bird frequency'.
I was rich and I wanted to eat some birds but now they are too far away from me

the green bird doesn't move from that position

Increible juego nunca jugue algo mejor en mi vida, 10 puntos

Good and fun idea.

I don't know if it was intended or not, but if you tap jump really fast, you can double jump which made everything too easy. It looked like a bug!

Good job!

That was good. AFter135531 tries I got 700 points.

Oh my... I'm so bad at thinking ideas I've no idea what to do... I'll take until sunday to think but I really think I'll pass this week.

Thank you!!

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I think you didn't export it properly? This is the project file of the game (which is fine for the 'share the source code' challenge) but it's not playable.

You should go to export project -> HTML5 website

and then put the entire folder into a .zip file

upload that file here and that will be playable online

To make an executable file for windows/linux/mac go to export project - NW.js and that will create a folder for each operating system. (It requires a plugin but it gives you a link to download it)

Addictive. Only needs its progressive difficulty so you are eventually overwhelmed by monsters!

The slow ghosts look creepy.

Sadly we didn't have time to add sounds. Mistakes were made in time management.


You know... I never realized you can't kill ghosts...


Fantastic use of the theme.

You managed to make great visuals without using fancy stuff

This game is fantastic! 

Love the movement mechanic

Thank you for your comment! It was our first jam too, and the music guy wasn't in the team he's my roommate, a musician, and liked what we were doing and joined!   

I'm happy you liked it!

Thank you for your comment :D I didn't have the chance to try They Hide in the Shadows because I've been busy and only tried browser playable games! I just checked out the screenshots and it seems a 3D and more complete version of the same idea! 

I hope they do good :D

It is indeed!

Thank you :D There were some ideas we had to cut because of time.