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super cute i love the cat ,I loved the simple mechanics of just moving the paws towards the laser, it looks so cute

good job! 

It is very interesting, the game is super fun

I love the basic concept of mixing colors between potions so that they change colors with customer requests

you welcome , I really enjoyed your game it's incredible x 2 I like to see birds bounce

super cute art! ,The mechanics are very interesting. I really like the art of the game, what a good idea to use the cpu birds against us.

It's super good, the game is entertaining, what good mechanics they used

you welcome , my friend, it usually happens to me with my games. The truth is that the story was interesting to me. I even liked the mechanics a lot, which I feel would have had a higher level.


Nice game , I loved the game I feel the mechanics are very great how ingenious on their part I love the part I have to throw things supermarket and the final enemy although the game feels short I loved the design of the furry characters

cool game!

you welcome

I loved the game haha although something short but entertaining

you welcome

Great Game ,I loved the map and the 3D modeling of the game is a very interesting proposal and Good job

super hot  game good job!

good game

cute story! 

Beautiful Game! I love the characters these graphic novels come out

Great Game !

I loved this game, I loved the story that it tells, I know how sad it is true that a friend leaves another city or another country, they don't come back, at least they meet again. good work

Great Gameplay very addictive mechanics