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Nice to hear it :)

explain, why?

Yes it is

Steam and Lan multiplayer

are you using the same downloadregion? 

Have you tried hamachi?

unfortunately, no. But you can write here what would you wish to change. If it will be better than previous I will include it.

You can't download files from internet? It is impossible to create browser version, sorry :( 

Thank you :)

I didn't noticed screenshot from my game. Po is only similar to the one in my game. 

Read up on what you are going to download first.😁

Thank you!

Thank you!

Check out TubbyLauncher

just  use tubbylauncher.

Or desktop app :)

Thank you! There will be  special spooktober update . Make sure to vote :)


Can you  explain ?

This game is really fun tu play! Coll game :)

Check out video tutorial playlist

I'm sorry I  have no  Mac device, so I can't even check is my game working  :(

Yes, it supports patches, and easy game launching.

Have you downloaded game from Itch desktop app or from Web browser?

If you have used Itch app update should install automatically. If you have used Web browser than you have to download game again.

Keep in mind that Itch desktop app delivers smaller patches so you don't waste Internet transfer.


Have you seen any issues with my game? Let me know if yes and I'll fix them.

Next patch will reduce it to 4,5GB

because it has lots of high quality photo scans :D 

I'm working on reducing game size.

Glad to hear that

have you tried to run .exe? 

What do you mean?

Glad to hear that!

Glad to hear that!

Nice game!

Things that happen on virtual stay on virtual. 

There is no need to use virtual machine, because my game Is virus free.

Usually antimalware software doesn't like files downloaded from internet .  You can try run my game on Virtual Machine &   skan it via  Malwarebytes. My game is virus free.

Really? Who told you that!? 🤫

Try again using different browser


Thank you!

Game community is very tiny. There is small chance (honestly almost impossible) to find server:( In order to play multiplayer you must organise players  (like call friends ). 

Thank you

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This is Unreal Jam not Unity :D