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i want to applaud yall on this game, loved the music and sound, and the story was told so well without even having a words in it...i absolutely LOVE games like this and im assuming there are multiple endings based on your choices? im going to play through again to see if that is the case but i wanted to make my comment before i dive back in....the artwork in this game was so smooth and well drawn, the gameplay was simple but also drew me in, 10/10 for me...i felt the theme so much in this game too especially with specific could tell the MC was spiraling and i loved that

it was some of the more complex puzzles, the simpler ones i had no problem getting the grasp of, but for some reason as the puzzles got bigger my brain seemed to shrink XD...i equate that more to the fact i havent sat and played puzzle games in a while more so than anything though, because as i looked back at other puzzles some of the bigger ones made sense and some just went straight over my head.

this is such a good game, i love the music and the visuals...i did, however, fail to understand the process of the puzzles, i was a little smooth brained and kinda just kept clicking things til i got it right LoL...

The story was cute though, and i like how the environment is also "unstable" and glitchy too, helping to solidify the fact that the characters mind isnt all there...

overall, really liked the game and you mentioned that english isnt your native language but everything in there was better than alot of native english speakers so applause there!