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Very cool, short game. I will skip the part of driving mechanism, but to make snow particles more realistic I can reccomend you to create a few pictures of snowflakes, make from them materials -> paricles -> multiply. It will prevent the snow from beeing too bright in the dark places. Also modify the gravity or start spped to 1, because the particles starts from 0 speed. Really had fun playing and died from a car crash :D

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In my opinion game should be brighter. It's almost impossible to see anything. Wonder how about a low key monitors. The atmosphere of the game is awesome and really gives a feel of a night watch getting scarred of various events. The objectives should be better specified, because at first I had no idea about what to do, until something happened after clicking "E" at everything.

It's good artwork, but it have a lot of bugs.

-player image is in so low quality

-movement likes to break

-background is repetetive

-enemies spawns in front of you and too many appears

-attack sound is kinda odd when spamming "B"

-you can still play after getting "YOU ARE DEAD" text

I would fix all bugs and then release it. Also please add screenshots of game (not phone photos) to itch page :)

The feeling that something is following you is just awesome!

I did not expect you here. I'm your fan since first slenderina. All I wanted to say is a big congratulations with your "Granny" series success!

"You died" the game...

It's so climatic game!

I would love to see like bigger version of it.


Nice game, but I would love to fix steering. 

Wat XD

Omg use internet 😹

You can search in Turbosquid if it's possible.

Very nice idea and atmosphere!

Sorry. That's shame.

Very good!



So good!

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I really liked the idea,  sorry but the environment graphics are so poor and it started to look like angry pigs copy :( Anyway you should add better tutorial and some soft physics. The UI is simple and clear. I wish you good luck ;) Support for other platforms will be appreciated.

Kiedy nowy bomba XD?

Well the storyline is SO boring. I was expecting park horror game with some kind of myseries or something. Walking is very slow and music not that good :( Sorry, but I don't like this game.

Well, It could be limited :) Thanks for explaining

You welcome :)

Wow ! It's cool idea. I would like to change engine audio and graphics :) Good luck !!!

Very cool game! I have found bug. You can hide in the right/left corner. I wanna ask how did you make thouse explosions? :D

Very nice game! I like the bg music. The character have bugged sprite and it needs to be fixed. Maybe the electrical cubes could have sound fx? Overall 7/10

Well, I have completed the game. Maybe its not bad idea, but it needs A lot of polishing. Good luck.


Report it please 

Zacna gra miliordzie

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Well, on the first look it seemed like a virus. I have no idea of engine that you have used. I like the climate of game and location. You should delete all paint images and watch for spelling. The game have not any jumpscares etc. It's just a walking in "red city" simulator. Maybe after updates it will be fixed. Good luck and thank you for game :)

This game is very good idea, but needs work and more good ideas (locations etc). I had fun. Thank you for game :)

Thank you for video and nice worlds :) It really supports me. The full game is released and for now is on the sale so you can buy it cheaper. Once again thanks :D

Hi! This game really have a potencial. I like this climate and secrets of the church :).  I was sure it is a prototype or game in development, because it still have some bugs and glitches. The project have too much jumpscares and is weak optimised :( also I hate the blurry effect when running. Game is good, but should have more work ! I have enjoyed playing, thank you :)

It was a really good demo. I did get scared three times. One of the most scarry things was after blinking and last when the "demo notification" jumped :D . It has a lot of potential, but it still needs work. The guy in the mask we can close in the bathroom (its kinda funny and weird). Last thing is that walking is just too slow and we can't run. The stroyline is very original and I liked it! Good luck and let us know when copleted ;)

Very nice!

Well, in full game some things has changed. Story line etc. I encourage you to try :)