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Well done! I love the game!!

tru tru

It is great fun and chilling but ironically raging! That's what makes a rage game so fun!

Hi! I realised that I still have a problem when I first load up the game. If I look down then back at the game, it won't move. However, I like the feature of when you are smaller you are at the same speed. This will be awesome for speedrunning!

Stay safe! :)

Wow, this is surprisingly fun! I think your first level needs to be a bit easier but apart from that, there were no glitches or anything! Really impressed.  

I realised that the first time I played it and looked to a different tab, I couldn't move at all. When I refreshed, the problem came again if I moved to another tab. However, if you go to another tab and copy and paste the link again, it works fine if you go to another tab. I don't know why this happens. It is an awesome game but this could make it a smoother experience. Also as you mentioned, I agree about the jumps. They could be a bit bigger and will feel really satisfying! Thank you for the game and I am so excited for next year's competition! 

Oh my goodness! I absolutely loved your previous game and I loved the fact that you added the start and the end as a mini cutscene. I loved speedrunning your previous game but boy will this be good to speedrun! Really REALLY good job!!!