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sorry for replying so late :( i’ve been addicted to persona games and didn’t enter at all ><

i’m really really bad at picking songs for playlists (even for myself) so i admire you a lot!!!! mine’s the good side!!! i really love these kind of songs. but i love suburbia too... i actually love all blue neighbourhood and bloom songs lol

thank you so much!!! really. i’m actually listening to “through the looking glass” right now!!! i love this one and “roswell” so much <3. oh and thank you for being so kind to me and for the amazing game!!! ps. i love your art style a lot. it’s so beautiful :’) <3

ok i just saw that adrien's playlist has my favorite troye sivan song and i'm ccrying. i love him. 

omg thank you sm !!!!! i only saw it now because some of the songs started playing on spotify and i was thinking about the game and then about my comment and here i am lol,, i really appreciate it <3 (i was searching for some of the songs by their lyrics lmao,,, google answered me with "how to get rid of toxic relationships".. and then i saw the names in the credits and felt stupid). again thank you sooo much and i'm glad i remembered you about the playlist because your music taste is GOLD. i loved the game so much!!! thank you again <3

(and sorry for writing like this,, i'm using my phone and i disabled the caps option sjdhs,,, and it's 4:55 am here... don't mind typos !!! haha)

Hi! I really really liked what I've played of the game so far.  And please share your playlist with me lol I love the ost!! I've finished Dante's and Adrien's both endings, and I liked it a lot!! Please keep the amazing work!!! 

This is such a cute game :( I love it so much <3 great work