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Quite a nice game, I felt very smart for solving the puzzles. The graphics are also really nice :)

I love this game! I wonder what you used to make this. very well executed idea!

why not use wasd? good game otherwise.

I like the art style! the game itself work really well too!

I'm really liking this so far! I hope you build more of it, the original mario 63 was really good and this is the same thing but with better graphics! I like it and hope you keep going.

if you confirm your character then put the cursor over a locked character during the transition, you can play as locked characters now. This bug is actually pretty funny. Overall the game is fun but I'm bad at video games so I didn't get very far.

I really loved playing this!

This game is really fun! and the level editor is really easy to use! amazing job!

I got 30! I love this game, I just wish there was some sort of checkpoints or something so I don't have to trudge through the slower stages to get to the fun stuff. Overall really nice game though

There seems to be an input delay for me, either that or the acceleration takes awhile to get a noticeable speed, either way it doesn't quite feel right. Other than that though this is very fun!

I was playing on a laptop with a crappy trackpad.... my fault ig :P

If you select a character, then select a locked character during the transition, you can play as that locked character before you should be able to.

yeah, if  I made this again or updated it I would definitely fix that.

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I just wish space was bound to shoot so I don't have to play twister with my fingers... other than that its really good.

I love this idea! I hate all the file explorer tabs i gotta open when making datapacks\resource packs! thank you!

This is really cool, its smooth, has fairly good graphics, and the ink is really nice!

understood thanks!

everything leading to readthedocs is giving an unkown page error.

well made!

very cool

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very nice! I find it a bit too easy to press R to restart. But otherwise, I love this game and I hope you will make more level in the future!

also be aware that with dashes recharging on wall jumps you can do one sided wall jumps really easy

feels very polished, wish there was more level to play and I wish the latter could only be dashed off of, its kinda annoying having to climb in one go or jump off. other than that its really fun I hope to see more