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I love mystery games so much! Looking forward to this!

Happy New Year! Be sure to take care of your health too!

I haven't tried it due to how busy I've become recently, but I'm excited to finally find time to play through it. While I usually play more BLs/yaoi, I'm not opposed to GL's/yuri but I just haven't been able to find very many well-written ones.

I also have no problem with serious drama, but I also like lighthearted equally as much. Sometimes you just really want angst and sometimes you just want fluff! I think most of your dedicated fans, including me, just want you to create the types of stories and games you enjoy, because passion shows.

This was so cute! Now I just need to find someone like Darius in my life ^^

For once, I cannot decide who my favorite character is. They're all so precious, including the side characters. ><

Don't worry, I loved it so much! I would date all of them but Silas has my heart 100%

I came in for a lighthearted game and came out tearing up because of all the insightful life lessons...

This and Sins were a wild ride. My favorite ending is the first good ending, but the first bad ending was also sweet, in a twisted way. I hope Samael is able to get the help he requires to overcome his trauma and the voices in his head. I think a side story where Samael comes to terms with the fire and his mother's death would be interesting to explore.

I finally got around to playing this game! I love psychological horror and using narrative as a medium on which to explore mental illnesses. I really appreciate that this game is short yet provides enough context to piece together Samael's mental state and the trauma behind it. The game is unsettling as it explores the darker sides of human emotions and misgivings.

I have yet to finish the other game from Samael's POV, but I appreciate that both games exist. While we might judge Samael for his actions as they're presented in this game, there's always another perspective and countless external and internal factors; past, present, and future; that can influence any person's actions. That is to say, it doesn't absolve Samael of his shortcomings. It just provides a foundation on which we can begin to understand where he's coming from.

So as always, I enjoy the diverse themes in all your games, and thank you for making all these amazing games. I will continue to support you within my means.

I started playing the game with the resolve that I would go for Ross first as a show of faith, but I was so tempted by Brendan so many times because I think his dynamic with Aries is adorable. After finishing both their routes, I was so conflicted with who I liked more.

And then, I saw the third ending and 😳 it exceeded my expectations and provided something so bold and daring. I did not expect that CG at all, and at this point, I'm not sure if I'm still confused or excited about it. It almost feels like it could become enemies to lovers.

This was a really cute story! I have a soft spot for childhood friend tropes, so this was definitely an indulgent story for me.

Binged through many more of your games this past week! I loved the concept behind this, and the three routes were all pretty interesting, but Lior is my personal favorite. I think I canon a platonic friendship between him and Belial, and I just really want him to be happy.

Once again, an amazing game. I love the mix of comedy and drama games you have, and this one definitely made me laugh (especially the pink mushroom incident). I'm not saying I'm an S, but I would do anything for Archie 😳

I think this was my favorite game so far. I loved Ulric as the MC because I thought it was refreshing from the usual innocent or very forgiving MC. Would love to see a sequel with them navigating public disapproval of a king x commoner romance

These boys are problematic. But they are my problematic boys. I impulsively wrote a short oneshot for a post-canon poly ending: For All Our Sakes - Seaiteu - ChaniMK [Archive of Our Own]! Let me know if you like it or want me to take it down.  Once again, this game was an emotional rollercoaster.

Coming from My Nemesis and Hero, this hurt so much to have to choose one of them. Arthur is so understanding and caring while Brycen is so intriguing ahhhh

I love this game. It was all fluff and no drama, and just generally a good read. I love both the love interests (but I'm partial to Gavin :p) and I enjoyed the option for a poly route.

As someone who wants to try my hand at developing BL visual novels, I think you're super inspirational! Keep up the good work, and in the mean time, I'm going to binge through your other games. :)