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This game is hilarious. Interesting way to do a 3rd person viewpoint too.

Interactive media feels so much more personal. Thanks for sharing

very pretty and cozy. Getting maniac mansion vibes from that fish though...

Thank you for sharing this with us.

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I really like these little games. Love the models and lighting!

This was a cool little experience. 

I’m a big fan of this! I’m using it to take a break from Playdate development lol

Nyandanoid community · Created a new topic music loading

I've put 3 wav files as asked into the data/sound folder and all of them have come up as errors and crashed the game. I hope this can be fixed, as I really enjoy the game.

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Great little game! really enjoy having a portrait example. I think maybe the first portrait mode PD game.

Great game on console! My only suggestion would be to use say, the down button, to let the player explode their shots in midair like you could in the original Missile Command. This would add a lot of strategy I think.

My friend and I are Toki Pona fans, and Playdate owners, and I'm really shocked this game exists. I guess weird little consoles and weird little languages have the same audience! thanks for the Latin version.

My record is 41. The frantic rush to line the handle into the slot is really immersive lol

A beautiful start for third party development! I really appreciate the unique perspective of the story, this was exactly what I was hoping for when I learned about the Playdate.

I think it’s a really forgettable and clunky launch game, which is why I’m surprised someone made a tribute. Yours is much better ^^;

Absolutely never thought I'd see a Tama tribute game, v cool

I adore this game! Really inspires me to make games again tbh

This is incredible, I love the message and the subtle use of color hacks

Heres a bunch of fun games, weird experiments, and failed art bits.