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IDK how you find the TIME for everything you do.  That’s always amazed me.

This is super awesome!  Can't WAIT to dive back into the SubNet again.  Now I know what I'll be doing the rest of the week...for starters.  😛THANKS MATEUSZ!!!😛

assuming that you can read this Mateusz….will there BE a Where is 2023??


I realize you are saying that you've been playing them since 2012, but you do realize that this series began in 2009, right? If you haven't played the pre-2012 releases you should check them out. They're all great, and the hilarious "Where Is 2009?" really got the wheels in motion with this fun tradition.

You can play a huge selection of Mateusz's games while actively on JAYISGAMES.COM, as long as you download and activate the Adobe Flash plugin.  I just played this title that way just a few moments ago, to test my advice before I gave it to you.  ;)

If you go to, you will find the game's page has downloadable Mac version listed.  I couldn't get it to open on my Mac OS Mojave version 10.14, but maybe you can on your Mac. IF NOT, just click the large yellow PLAY bar seen the Jayisgames page, allow Flash plugin to operate if it asks you, and you're off! I am playing it directly from the website that way right at this moment. Hope this helps you...

I've been looking forward to this all December...OK November and before that, too...
Thanks for not disappointing, Mateusz!
About to start it all from the beginning again...

   Another quick note regarding the puzzle-question you asked Mateusz directly, here, (and I don't mean for this to sound condescending, so please don't take it that way...I am just giving you a tip, from a little bit of my own personal experience over the past 10+ years, and from years of my constant observations.)  I can guarantee you, and bet money that I will never have, that Mateusz won't be answering any questions with the nature of: "Where do I find all 5 of the Vector Finders in Sub 10: The Exit?"  Once you get to "know" the guy, meaning, once you become more aware of the colossal amount of projects that he manages to constantly pull off simultaneously....(and 99.5% flawlessly, to boot!) you'll understand better that he simply doesn't have the spare time to help everyone who gets stuck on a puzzle. (There are countless thousands of us who do at times, too!)
   Further, when he hasn't answered questions of this nature for you in the past, don't take it personally! He's not being rude. He is seriously one of the coolest, most down-to-Earth artist/writer/gaming developers that you'll ever know, and he still takes the time to listen to his countless followers, our suggestions for his future projects (when he asks us, a few times a year.)  And he still understands that most people can't afford $39.95 for one freaking video game! He hasn't "let any of it go to his head", even after his constantly increasing popularity, his many awards, etc.
Like I said in my other reply though...I'm here to help whenever you get stumped. I have plenty of free time, as I am nowhere near as talented as Mateusz. haha
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Set the Spoon on top of the padded pedestal in the
bottom right - most room in H E L L L L

(You'll get nifty surprise reward!)

Go to the Portal and click  1 0 0.
At the bottom of the tower, go right 3 screens and into Storage Unit 33/2. Assuming you have all 4 Loop Stabilisers in order to enter Level X, scroll through the rooms until you find a gray 5x5 grid, which has the corner squares.....missing.
OK Osmking, that should be enough info for you to meet your goal. If not, I also teach Remedial Classes (haha) in solving the countless puzzles in the SubVerse, if you ever need any help in the future. I enjoy helping others who are stumped, so don't hesitate to contact me.
SDRanger (Profile also found on Submachine Wiki)