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Why have so many hot women in the town with an Unek in heat only to have not fuck any of them? Seems a little but cringe. I clicked on this cause it was literally all men disappeared. Therefore it's gay right? Nope. Lesbians roll out.

Very well made and funny mod, could you help a girl out and give me the font used to write "Amogus" on the character select. God I sound like a bot the way I jump into Itch projects and say the same fucking thing in each comment.

Can you DM me the font to write a character's name on the character select I need it so bad

Where can I find the font you used to write "Steven" on the character select I've looked everywhere.

I've been looking ever so now here I am in the comments of old NT Itch projects asking if they have fonts, like the one you used to write "Ultra" for the title or hopefully most preferably the font used to write the character names.

So I doubt you know where I could find it.

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I'm making a pyramid deck mod for Nuclear Throne. Knowing what that is is not important, but it is important that I find the font you used to write "Assassin". I know this game is like 6 years old and you're wondering why in the hell someone's commenting on your mod, but if someone could get back to me on that ASAP I would probably cry.