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Hi! Thanks a lot for playing! I really enjoyed your video! :) We cannot keep developing this game because it was made as final project for a degree... but, I will bring it back in a future, I promise.

Thanks a lot for playing, we will keep working on this! :)

I'm sorry, this game was made for a jam.. I'm not proud of it. It was made in 48hours D:

Thanks a lot for your words, you made me very happy! 

I made this game long time ago but I forgot to upload it. I stopped uploading games because I have been too busy working on  a big one and it will be here soon! :)

jajajaja acabo de verlo y lo siento mucho! Fue mi segundo juego cuando aún estaba aprendiendo y creé una mecánica de salto bastante... difícil de pillar xD

Oh, I'm really glad you had a fun time! Thanks for playing :)

Hahahaha you are so funny, I couldn't stop laughing all video hahaha! Thanks a lot for playing, the next one will be scarier! :)

And thanks too for your feedback, they are very useful for me :)

Thanks a lot for playing! And really liked it a lot and next one will be better, so I hope you will play it too! :)

Oh! I'm glad to know it! Next one will be better & thanks for playing! :)

Thanks a lot for playing! Next one will be better! :)

Hahahaha I loved it! I have learned a lot thanks of people like you. Your feedback is very appreciated and I promise that next one will make your pants going wet! :)

Thanks again for playing :)

I'm so glad knowing it! I'll wait till you load your video, I'm really excited!

Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks a lot for playing and for your feedback! I promise you next game will be better :)

Hahaha, it was so funny and I'm pleased to see that my game little scared you :) Thanks a lot for playing and keep fighting for your dreams! :)

You are welcome! I'm pleased that you enjoyed it and it was funny watching you playing :)

God, this game is hard and addictive, only 18 points :(

Good work! ;)

You made me very happy when I saw that you were playing my game! :) Thanks a lot man, I hope you liked it and it was very funny watching you too ;)

Hahahahaha! Thanks for playing :)

Está muy divertido jajaja

Diooos me encanta jajajaja

Gracias de nuevo! Si lo vuelvo a retomar, eso será lo primero que le añada :)

Gracias! :)

Muchas gracias! Me habría gustado poder dedicarle más tiempo a las físicas, pero creo que no me habría dado tiempo a tenerlo acabado para mañana jajaja