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Scythe Sousa

A member registered Jan 13, 2020

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is it possible to customize my character like the other pigeons in the game? If so how??

this game was just so fun and really fun to play over and over again! I feel like as I played this game I learned more about the characters and myself in regards to relationships!

Okay So I was able to FINALLY get the game extracted but, My PC Crashes on the first "loading pretend its the 90s screen" what should I do?

Hi I just purchased the game but, it seems that my computer cannot download the full 7 gigabytes! I have a windows PC and downloaded 7-zip. What do I do?

Purchased this on my Xbox previously and I'm so glad that I bought it! I absolutely loved the art style and the amount of depth and dedication that went into the story!

Just saw this, downloaded it, and played it for the first time! As of writing I just want to say that I'm so glad that all these characters have a personality and genuinely wholesome + consensual character arcs! Definitely loved the gentle-femdom-like personality of Ren and I'm so excited for Chapter 2 to come out! 

just finished the prequell and i'm definitely interested! Do you have any estimation of when the full game will release and it's price?

I really enjoyed this game! Especially seeing that it’s my first in the genre, definitely enjoyed the wholesome aspect throughout the entire game and I can’t wait until Chapter 2! Do you have any idea as to when you think it’s going to come out?

All in all this game is amazing and it was 10000% worth what I payed for especially since I was looking forward to buying it for over a year! Hope that you’re doing well alongside the voice actors and that whatever you make of your finished product you enjoy!