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Absolute genius. Googly eyes and eyebrows, what a match.

Great visuals and very chill feel. Had the feeling of being dragged underwater without being too sluggish. Would be great as is for like, a screensaver or something.

I'll just have to experience this via the stream, but I managed to watch for the full hour, so that was great :)

Green bird art was the tops <3

Severely disappointed at the lack of Duck Hunt 2 >=(

Nice concept, and I loved the art

Cute, and great art

I did; I thought I could float because of that, but ended up just falling into seals :(

I feel bullied by your audio :(

Made me laugh, and had a great feel to it

The penguin's great, and the death animation is hilarious, I liked it

Oh dear god, the screams, +1

Punishment is right, but I still think the  trailer was the best part :)

Pew pew pew pew. Great visual effects (y'know, apart from the time scaling :))

Good art, concept, mechanics and feel. I think I'm going to spin into some blades for that satisfying bloodbath.

My mom's fat ginger cat is scared of rabbits... I enjoyed the dialog especially, you witty dog, you.

Good, interesting idea, if the scope was a bit lofty. I feel it could be a great resource management game, and the art fits together well.

The alien was the best part, I think I'll die some more on purpose...yeah

On the bright side, you can always claim its an art piece about how you'll always be alone if you never learn to share, in your quiet apartment :)

The best part is the cat's eldritch horror paw.

Well, and the music, this was cute :)

I guess my friends are soup now

Woo, this was a great idea, and well executed.