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I'm happy you used my tileset, thanks for sharing the project in the comments!

Thank you for the kind words and I'm happy that the tiles were useful for you!

Thank you!

Hey I'm glad it was useful and thank you for linking your game!

Nice! Thank you for using the tiles!

I'm so sorry I didn't see your post. Yes you can absolutely use the set for game jams!

Yo thank you for sharing your project! :)

These are dope.

I'm having the same issue. Running Win7 64bit

Yes you are free to edit the set as you like. Purchase of the commercial license means you can release your game without giving me credit however it does not allow for sale or re-distribution  as an asset pack.

thank you!

The set includes no character animations, sorry. I mostly included the character sprites for scale reference and so that users could have some placeholders included.

Yes, and I would love it if you can post a link to your game when you finish.

Thank you very much

Thank you, I'm happy you like my tiles! I suppose there is a possibility of 16x16 but it is not likely any time soon.  I'm busy with other projects right now. If you like, follow my page and you should be notified of any new releases I put out.

Thank you!

Thanks. I'm happy people are enjoying it!