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Scurvy J

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It's short and cracked me up, particularly the voice acting.

It's great that you can play through the lives of the different sons here.

After playing for a while, I realized that you're the same dev who did Lobsters on a Plane. I love the amount of detail you put into your games!

When I try to run from the app, I get a "Cannot create subdirectory in empty directory!" error. Not sure if this is a package problem or a "me" problem.

Good atmosphere, it has sort of an Alien: Isolation feel to it. A little death cinema might be a good touch because at first, I was getting caught and had no idea why I kept getting teleported back to the start.

He walked by that perfectly good bowl of fruit in the first part, no wonder he was so hungry in the second part

I dig the atmosphere, especially the way the shadows are done.

This is all coming together in a strange way, and I can't wait to see more.

I had no idea what was going on at first, but this is pretty fun.

I love the way this is written.

Interesting concept and cool visuals. It starts slow, but once it gets going, it's impossible to keep up.

When I try to run this, I get the error "There should be 'The RockShow_Data next to the executable. Is it possible there is a missing folder?

This has the makings of an artistic indie platformer. Do you plan on expanding on it?

I am the greetest! Now, I am leaving Earth for no raisin!

Sorry, couldn't resist. I like the weirdness of the backstory and the atmosphere you're building up with the lighting and music. Do you plan to update this game?

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3361, here. I'm digging the neon-infused visuals!

I'm digging the variety and ferocity of enemies, though my left-right movement feels a bit slow. Is this a "me" problem?

I had fun shooting Player 2 (who, oddly, was unable to fight back :D ). This could be a lot of fun with some special attacks and obstacles in the level.

This is like a more relaxed version of Audiosurf, and I like the background music and the way the cube falls over when you collide with something.

Interesting problem and great interpretation of it through Unity. This has more of an educational focus, which you don't see too often in a lot of these games.

Off to a good start; it would be cool if there were more things to do in the game.

Kinda brutally difficult!

I like the way the Greek text translates to English on rollover, and the game kept me entertained for a little while.

Nice story and good visuals.

Not bad so far.

I like the idea of different people triggering different actions, but that timer is a bit unforgiving.

I didn't figure it out, but it was an interesting idea.

This is a cool start. Are you looking to expand with more chapters?

This is a good start. Are you planning to expand on it?

I managed to win once, but I think it was mostly luck. Interesting twist on Pong!

Got the boss down to -3% health but died in the process. Does that count?

This would feel just right with a Prince of Persia-style climbing mechanic.

There's a seed of a good idea here, and I hope you continue to develop it!

Neat concept and catchy chiptunes!

I like the way the ship handles and the pitch of the sound going up as your count gets higher. This would be cool as the basis of a shmup or even a rhythm game.

I like the life sim concept and comic art style. It would be cool to see this get expanded with more events, buyable items, etc.

The different enemy movement styles added a bit more depth to this one than I expected. Not bad!

Neat cave-style visuals.

Maybe I'm just a sucker for games with a nautical theme, but it's cool to see a game written from an octopus' perspective.

Pretty cool considering the short development time. It would be nice to see this fleshed out with some objectives and obstacles.

I like the premise and the way the color particles look against the dull backdrop. This could be a lot of fun  if you continue to develop it.