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will there ever bee a mac version?

Some more feedback: the game feels a lot more "polished", but i still found some bugs, the viewmodels are too close to the center, and while aiming they sometimes end up covering the place where the crossair should help you aim, other than that, good job!

Nice man! you deserve it!

no problem mate, im waiting for that new update!

War Cry community · Created a new topic Some feedback

First of all, the game's got potential, but i found some things i dont like and some bugs: first of all sometimes you glitch into the corners of houses or in the platforms in which those are built, the gun models are too close to the center and the crosshairs are too big and blocky, the lack of weapons is tiring and the map is really small with few points of intrest, i suggest dropping the idea of the plane and replacing it with random spawns for now, given how i can literally drop into the sea.

other than that, good game

im already in your discord, i'll send you a message

I would be glad to help! and as soon as i get some kind of debit card i will happy to pledge some money, maybe i wont do it every month 'cause i dont have any regular income, but some help will be sent, i'm here for any testing you want to do

welp, there goes all my intrest in this game, good luck on your project 

no mac version?

honestly if that means getting a mac/linux version, i will support you, cause this game looks amazing and i want to try it, but im on mac

well, that means getting some funds and maybe being able to get a mac to develop for linux and mac :D