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when the imposter is sus

coming back like a year later to say how amazing this game is again

I check on this game a lot. And it made me really happy to see that you haven't vanished from the face of the earth. This game really is incredible, I adore the concept. I totally see the OFF inspiration, along with a ton of other things. I'm making an RPG maker game right now, and I often look towards this game for inspiration. I love the atmosphere, the characters, the weird jokes, just basically all of it. I could nit-pick but I haven't played it in months. Keep it up, man, this is some good shit.

he took the midnight train going anywhere

This might just be one of the scariest games i have ever played. To be honest, it's not very polished, but it still does what it's trying to do very well. i had my eyes half closed during most of it, so good job!

I did it and now I really want the full game

i want to beat that goddamn escavator to death

this game is incredible, I encourage you to do more with it, or at least release a version with music. The characters are memorable, and the theme of the game is amazingly beautiful. I love it so much.