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2d games appear as a floating window.

If it works on GearVR as 3d, it probably works in 3d on Quest, then the next biggest question is does it work with the controllers... That's often an issue.

There are lots of Quest owners on looking for games now (Sidequest is gaining popularity, but some of the listings on it require visiting itch to purchase the game). 

no insult meant, I just meant it's not something I'd buy unsure it would work.  (I don't know what itchs refund policy is, if any) Hopefully someone will buy it and report back that it works.

I don't expect you to buy one to test, of course.

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I'd test it but $5 is a bit much if it doesn't work.

(GearVR apps often work though, Oculus seems to have grown Go/Quest apps from that same core)

Sorry, Oculus Quest, similar to GearVR or Oculus Go, but 6DOF...

Works on Quest?

Does this work on the Quest yet?

Quest version?

You should submit it to SideQuest, so they list it.

Sidequest is very friendly, and wants to make it work for you...

Quest Version?