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I just wanted to say, I absolutely loved your game. Not just as a general "liked", I really love what you've done.

The characters are awesome looking, the battles are a journey, and it takes rhythm games to a place in terms of story, that rhythm games haven't really been before.

I know, when you read comments, even ones of praise, then it can be hard to actually "feel" anything from them. It's hard for them to change your mindset. Don't feel bad about that, I know the feeling personally.

I just hope you take this compliment to heart.

I really liked your game. And as another passionate video game lover and as another entertainment artist then you inspire me. So much so, that if I ever find myself on sites like then this is always the first page I check.

Thank you for putting in the work. I promise you when your game comes out, then at least one person will buy it in a heartbeat

This was a really enjoyable experience! Simple point and click mechanics and puzzles that I found quite engaging! Interested in seeing how this could be turned into a full game. It's an ambitious goal, but I think this is a solid base to build off.

With the direction the game is taking, then I hope you can take inspiration from other mute/show not tell-story games like Florence and find interesting ways to intertwine narrative and gameplay.

Thank you for the lovely demo!