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is there any way i can upgrade my Max  Energy?

Hole Dweller community · Created a new topic Kinwa

What's kinwa's favorite food (the one that gives 3 on the Love stat)

Why are all the waifu's heads disconnected?

For some reason it wont launch.

wish there was a sandbox mode

How do i give myself items through Console?

Whats the ControlEnv for stomach capacity

Can't find the Variable for Stomach Capacity

How about a FNF Jetstream Sam (Metal Gear Rising: Revengance)

How do i change things like capacity through the Console?

Press \  for debug

you forgot "WHAT?!"

what bout Left Left Down Down (space) Left Left Down Down

found it


How do i use console, is it the usual ~ key?

or you can left left down down 

Whats the knuckles keys?

wheres eggman

shame only phase 2 can say "UNO, DOS, TRES, QUATROS

there should be space notes for phase 1, you can do the laugh so why cant you do the full power sonic charting

1 is BRuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

how do i "UNO, DOS, TRES, QUATROS" (to finish the "Bring in a ruckus like" line)

add hftf style special attack inputs, so you can have a wiki with attack inputs and tier lists

Setting -> Enable Portals

i dont think it should be possible to have NEGATIVE money

Garcello: Tight Bars, Little man.

forgot a note, right left right down up up

no, for fading its right left right up up

on secret to play the actual thing its left up right up down spacebar

simply port it to something like html5

could you please port this to web?

I would really appreciate if you make this  for web.

how do i make an area that vanishes for the marbles to start

web is blank

but how do i super?

how do i ultimate