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Scream Queen Gaming

A member registered Jan 25, 2016

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had so much fun with this game. very scary 

I loved this game...

I love snakes but this one definitely scared me lol and I'm so sorry for getting Charles's name wrong in my video. don't know what I was thinking...

so nostalgic. used to love playing snake and with the bit of horror thrown in, makes it even better...

just released my video of me playing the white rabbit update. this update is so much fun. 

awesome game. planning on doing a second video of the update 

absolutly love this, the scares got me

I wasn't very good at this but still had a lot of fun playing it.

brilliant game. had a lot of fun playing it

This was awesome. such a fun game, although the spider freaked me out lol. I also want to watch the short films now. So happy I played this....

I had so much fun with this game. 

this game was awesome. Super spooky and I had so much fun playing it. 

thank you for replying and letting me know. I hope to check out more squid games games soon. thankyou as well about my accent lol and for watching my video xxx

this was my first proper experience with with Squid game and I honestly had fun with it. thanks for making a such a fun game. 

brilliant game. I had so much fun with this game. I started recording it but my computer decided to ruin the footage halfway through, so I decided to live stream it instead and I'm so glad it did. I love the mystery aspect of the game and how you are doing the investigating. and so much more besides this made playing this an awesome experience. 

such a fun, weird game 

such a strange game...

very atmospheric and spooky. The ending confused me a bit but so much fun.

awesome game, it definitely scared me xxx