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Recent community posts ... this is hitting issues. I'm not the developer, but the customer. Am very  much about privacy, so won't be turning off add-ons. Can't believe how broken is suddenly, especially when have paid for things, and devs need to have games easily seen and accessible. Terrifying to click through into my Library, then onto a purchase, and to see 'you're not on' plus a huge red square. Was it specially designed to look hacked and worry people? Seems so, as the relevant notice is in smaller print, and actually took a while to see. I'll need to not use anymore,  but will support devs who direct me to a secure link/site where I can support them/make a purchase. 

What a nice game; thank you for making this for linux, and no steam/DRM involved! A lot of fun to play and runs perfectly. :-)

Hi and thanks for making this great game! Got as far as when he goes to visit the friend of the victim, but can't play further. I've tried twice and it seizes up in that room; first there are some thin jagged textures appear, then the game and pc seize up, needing a reboot. Fingers crossed incase there are any updates planned (I don't use steam). Thanks again.



Just to say thank you for making this free for Linux. Really appreciate. :-)

FlowScape community · Created a new topic Thank you! :-)

Thanks for this wonderful software, and the great updates. So useful for artwork, and a lot of fun to use.