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Scrap (buddy)

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My lunch has been stolen, antics arise! Loved this silly experience a lot!

This was really beautiful! I enjoyed it a lot. Winnie is great <3

this was so cute! Loved that True ending ^_^

How old was Magnolia when she first created Mint? and how old would he (Mint) be in ending b?


im so excited!!!! the original game left such an impact on me i cant wait to see the full game

very short but definitely packs a punch.

Oh my god demo launch! so excited to check it out

Hell yes!!


Amazing finally I can relive this part of my life even including other fun things

it took me second but the girls are finally back together, good for them, good for them

excited to play soon!


goblin friend :)

good pizza

this is super fun! i like exploring this place :)

love it!

lovely work! are there any more endings?

that was pretty gnarly. love to see it

I cant say I understand the story well but i definitely enjoyed the art and writing

the "good" ending felt a bit underwhelming, great writing though! 

absolutely loved this little gem. thank you guys for working on this. I hope Hugo gets to solve another case another day.

i needed that dance break

expected the game to run better on my low end pc :(


it took me like 100 tries i did it 

loved it but i could never get the worst or best stream achievements ;( 


i did not expect that

saw potential but wow the platforming could be better

loved it, i didnt even think about some of the solutions that was nice and new.

jumping is too floaty. otherwise hope this grows to be less hollow Knight-y and more its own thing.

(i reallly love Iskandar too)

loved it. it even ran perfectly fine on my old junk of a pc.

loved it, the dog shades were the cherry on top for me

no clue what just happened! super great

such a neat demo! i wanna play more!

such a lovely game!! need more cafe nemo!!!

hella nice