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I've done that, all it does is make the wall go back in a constant rate rather than it being hit back only to try to come back to the character.

So... others are saying that they beat the game and stuff like that, am I missing something? I got the secret with the eye, drain, and below but that was pretty much it. I beat all all the bosses I could fight, smiley, slimer, spiker, and wrym. Though nothing else would happen, this is the furthest I got with the game.

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Wait theres more???????? I thought the orb was the only thing you could get????


I just got the notification now..

Its a pretty good way to get the player playing for longer, trying to figure out what peer does. though the unlock seems a bit lackluster and seems worse than what you use before. Cool secret to figure out, not the best reward for said secret.

Nevermind I got it!

Hint: You have an ability as well, don't forget that.

Soo.... anyone figured out what the deal with the eye is? Like when you have drain there's an incomplete square that you can put the drain on top of. When you do so the eye seems to glow but the pupil seems incomplete, i've tried to put the character on the pupil but nothing seems to happen, i feel like something should be happening

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the map item seems to softlock your run if you have a barricade secret room which will very likely happen

Edit: Nope nevermind, it prevents the player from clicking any marked squares except for the barricade secret room

when it get's to the finishing part of the game, do you keep going with the rhythm or speed is all up to you?

+ and - to change volume

no like it gets off the screen that it's litteraly unclickable, like 2 tiles off the screen

I don't think the game works well with  1366 by 768 resolution displays. i think im supposed to be seeing more than the window can allow

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ok, hope to see it working

the audio seems to not sync up when it does the Hard and Fast prompt

is there going to be an option to scale up or down the hud when in the game? when the game is on full the text takes up a large portion of the screen.

Android version crashed after pressing "start new game" with no error message whatsoever, same thing happens when I start from an act. It goes to the loading screen and the game stops working and kicks me out of the game. Not sure what's going on with that.

Amy way to check on mobile?

how do you check which images you've blacklisted?

Ah ok, just it confused me lol

Like to keep edging even when it's on the red screen or the player still has to stop edging on the screen?

What does the app mean by "good, let's go for more, no stopping"?

i did but its only showing the entry way below the cow, but there's no entry below the cow when the game starts?

I really enjoy the game, though I can't seem to figure out the cow one. I'm not sure if the entry point has something to do with the cow itself or something else.

Beat the game on day 65!

This Would work very well for console. I love this game, been playing ever since and still finding now combo

just download the most recent one, windows 64

,i can't seem to play anything else rather than that

im getting the same thing