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This was a very spooky game at the start but i started to feel calm when going in to the red messed up room it was fun all in all but i got a little more like a lot loss on the story still it was really fun to play. Here is a video of my playthrough 

If you were trying to sound like a car salesman then you would have been the best salesman i have ever heard of and i will be trying out more of them because there are so much fun 

This was a really fun short game to play the calling out her name part was really fun to try and figure out it also had some nice little laughs as well and a great ending to it. i will also be trying out your other game Sealess Mother as well. Here is also  my playthrough of the game. keep up the good work

This Game was so Much fun to play. I loved the Pixel art style that is in the game. it also has the funny humour that can give a little bit of a laugh. I would love to play more of the games that you make in the Future.