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Nice game!

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So far so good although I'm a bit stuck after getting the lazer, I see multiple paths but each path I keep dying EDIT: Somehow I managed to kill the boss

Nice game!

Good Game. Last two hearts are hard to get. ( In the green area and in the cookie area.) Still working on finishing it.

Guess I must be close then lol


How many checkpoints in the last challenge?

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Yeah I'm stuck lol

Great Game. Wish I knew what was at the end of the secret room after getting both keys. That one was just way to difficult for me to pull off.

So far really good!

Good so far, but I wish it saved. Haven't beaten it yet due to this issue.

kinda confused how energy is generating without the 10% perk

Is there no official ending? I reached a dead end

Nice game

No save states either? I had to start all the way over each time.

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I've tried again on numerous different days and still can't get past the part with the dash. Can you please help me?

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stuck at the dash part. This game is way too hard.

Thanks, you're a genius!

The R button resets the game. It doesn't give you the high jump. Once I got the spell to cast projectiles I couldn't get beyond some areas because I didn't have the high jump.

Amazing game. One of my favorites on this site! Very well thought out!