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words cannot describe the emotion i had when this showed up, being in a familiar place thinking you've seen everything only for something to come without warning, like a game for a console that has since been long discontinued without any developer support suddenly telling you that an internet connection is needed to play

get scared

some clipping issue with chastity belt and pregnancy
tested it with some other clothing and pants and it always clips through

i'm assuming there's no image for a chastity belt while being milked?

am i unlucky or am i locked out of progressing in gin's storyline?

ok so you know how to progress in gin's story you need to have cassie and gin interact in the forest pond with gin's maid dress right?
well whenever i get them both there gin doesn't have the maid dress, he's only in his shorts even though i've given him a maid dress, am i missing something? do i need to talk to cassie or gin after seeing their conflict for the first time?

i was trying to search for a song jacket for dominator by kurorak and got mentally flashbanged when i read "R18 Furry Rhythm Game"

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why does he take your pass when you come in, does everyone in una do this as well? do they just have an infinite amount except for you? or do they have an infinite use pass that you just don't have access to

mfw no cute witch bf to tease me until i can barely speak in life, why even bother

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does anyone know where the savefiles are located?

edit: nvm, scrolling through the comments a bit it's at C:\users\(username)\AppData\Local\UserData\Default\Lust Doll Plus

is there any unique dialogue for naming yourself "indivi"?

i fukcign love you

how do i do cassies's rescue

the wiki says "find the local homeless (to the south from the Don's hideout). One of them would step out and demand lots of money, calling himself the "leader of the crowd""

searching through the comments you just say "Visit the hobos! You'll need to go back and forth between them, while sleeping periodically"

i'm doing that but nothing is happening, am i missing something or doing something wrong?