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10/10 Masterpiece

Awesome game! The controls are a bit confusing at the start but once you get the hang of it you gain control over the world and can shoot down the rocks with ease, I went to recollect some crystals and it was pretty fun, dodging the rocks and going back to the ship to upgrade is a pretty good concept. The game experience is great and the visuals are simple, but in a good way.

Thanks for playing! I tried to make the camera alternate in parts of the level where you could only play on 2d and then where there are places you cant see, you would change the perspective, but I didn't have enough time and didn't add that mechanic (I will do in a later version outside of the jam).

very interesting little game! This game takes the concept of domino effect and takes it to a new level, there have been nothing like it, of course if we talk about game industry important titles you could say that there is a match between this game and super mario bros maybe super mario 64 but no, the fundamentals of every game that existed and has to exist are breaken, no more bundaries that said, is a really cool game.


OH GOD, OH NO! They are everywhere! Every time I open my eyes I see them... the god damn aliens.

Pretty good game! I like the way it plays and the art style isn't half bad, but the aliens can be hard to see sometimes.

Very cool game! I couldn't killl mario but the mechanics and the game itself is pretty good! I like the graphics and the fact that you can shoot mario.

Dude, this game is awesome! The art style is amazing to be only made on 9 hours, on top of that the controls are responsive and fun to play, greate game!

can u make linux version?

attention whore detected

pls linux version