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Congrats everyone! 

I like it!

Ooh now I'm even more excited for the new edition, I love Pirate Borg. 

Thank you so much, do you have a rights/license thing for ToTKG I can put at the end? Minus the Mörk Borg license, I have that part haha. 

Also just wondering will the streamlined version of ToTKG be available in print? Planning on picking it up either way. 

I recently got permission from one of the creators to make an adventure for Fisk Borg, may I also reference The Kraken in passing in the same adventure? 

I was thinking a class ability something along the lines of visiting The Black Isle and tasting of the Membrane Chamber, letting them perform d8-1 Geases a day with a successful Presence test? This would also serve as a not so subtle reference to the Seven Geases. 

Thanks again! I appreciate the feedback!

Thank you so much that means alot!

All right, it's up! I hope it comes in handy for people. Do the stats need adjusting at all as far as the Fisk Borg section? 

thanks so much for reaching out to him

Thank you so much! 

I'm not done with the adventure I mentioned but am putting the finishing touches on an Ugly Fisk generator I made. 

I wasn't sure what to put for the legal so it's

'UGLY FISK is an independent production by *my name* and is not affiliated with Richard Kelly or Adam Vass.

Published under permission given via comment section .

FISK BORG belongs to Richard Kelly and Adam Vass.'

Does that need changed at all?

No problem!

Awesome! I love this!

Thanks so much! 

Do you mind if I mention Yllwraeth and create a couple Salt Soaked Scrolls in a free MB community supplement? 

Thank you so much! 

It looks ok otherwise though, just the title and creature need moved? I'll see if it can be photoshopped over a bit. 

Thank you! Is it too close to the center as well? I may need some help/advice moving the Bät. 

It was mostly just created to add an extra monster to fight, but most definitely! 

You would have to give credit to me as well as Delphi who collaborated with me on creating it, but it's created under the the third party Mörk Borg and Vast Grimm licenses, so you could definitely use the character and it's likeness. You'd have to find or create art for it though, as well as put the necessary labels. All the information is here:

Just bought the Dungeoneers Book today through dtrpg! I know it'll come in handy! 

I can't wait! I'm planning on getting some of your other stuff as soon as I have extra money. I'd buy several right now if I could, this was seriously awesome! 

This is great!

I apologize for asking but, what do you mean?