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So it would seem. Oh did you notice my subtle hint about the spelling mistake I found?

Another cool game bud, but the clicking on the trash was a tiny bit tedious 

Must always remember to never accept cups of tea!!! 

A fun wee game to play 

That clown is way too good at his job :P 

Took me a wee mo to get used to the controls, been ages since I played with tank style. but all in all a decent wee game indeed. 

Really enjoyed this, looking forward to playing part 2 soon :) I can never resist a good point and click adventure :) 

That was a fun wee game 

Duuude that was a huge Rabbit hole 

I am so curious as to what actually happened, it does remind me of an 80's flick that had body altering alcohol though 

Looking forward to more from this game 

Still loving the game 

Not bad at all, I got a little confused but I managed to make it to the end so Yaaaaaaay 

An exceptionally interesting wee game indeed 

I found that a lot of the game was a little bit too dark. it's not bad for your first game and I hope to see more from you, but this one was a little bit of a miss for me I'm afraid. 

I quite enjoyed going for a wee slide in the woods 

Not bad, but I would like to see more :) 

I cannot wait till the full release comes out 

Loving this game so far, I'm gonna play a lot more 

Fun wee game indeed, 

That was one demanding monster :P 

Second game I've played from your Horror engine, quite enjoying it and I casnnot wait to see what else you have in store for us 

The story was pretty decent, I didn't try for all endings, prefer if folkj who watch my vids try the games out for themselves :) 

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Not bad for your second game bud, keep them coming :)

I laughed and I got a fright so take your 5 stars :P 

It was fun except for the bug....kinda broke the immersion a little but otherwise a fun wee adventure 

That was a pretty intriguing wee game, I'll need to try out all the combos to see if I can get a different ending :) 

I had a lot of fun playing this one :) I need that mop in my life!!! 

I felt the game was a little bit too dark, I found it very tricky finding the key. but in saying that I do think there's a lot of potential here :)

interesting wee game 

I really enjoyed this, great use of sounds to give a feeling of dread

So glad to be playing games from you lot again :) 

The aesthetics of the game were great, felt like it needed a bit more build up to the scares though. otherwise great wee game 

I am so out of touch when it comes to dating :P I have a new irrational fear :D 

This was a lot of fun, looking forward to more 

I'm not sure I played it properly 

I was shouting

for Roy before I was meant to :D

I apologise for the's a nervous thing :) I can't wait to see more bud.

Lol 😆