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I hope so Scruncho :P

He kept laughing at me :( 

That was quite a short wee experience 

Great wee game, loved the humour. Santas voice though.....I dunno seemed a bit Scottish to me :P 

Excuse the short video....I really suck at mazes 

It's been a while, but finally got a video up :) 

I can't believe this made me jump lol 

Ok so I got the voice in the letter wrong and just went with it, so the young lady sounds like a grumpy old man 

I may have sounded sarcastic but I enjoyed this a lot 

Really liked the idea behind this 

Thanks for letting me know about the game bud, apologies again for how awful I am at racing games 

Such a cool wee horror 

I actually got a couple of frights, nicely done 

I like the idea behind the game but I feel that it needs a lot of work done to it. but I will be keeping my eye on your progress with it 

I do enjoy Platformers like this even though I'm not very good at them 

lotsa fun to be had in this wee game 

I only did the one ending, so that other will take a chance and check out the full game, cool concept though 

Quite an entertaining game 

What a nice, fun, entertaining wee game :) 

Just like to say thanks to Vidas Games for telling me about this 

Took me ages to find the key but it's a fun wee game 

This is brilliant!!! More please 

I have to be honest, this wasn't really my cup of tea

It's been a while since I last played horror, this was a good step back into it :) 

I miss games like this, solid effort for your first game bud. wee bit of constructive criticism at the end of the vid but nothing major :) 

Sorry it took so long but Finally Grandpa Pancake has played the game :) 

I recorded before the update....eep 

This was bizarre but in a good way, really enjoyed myself while playing, kudos devs :) 

I've never been someones favourite before :) thank you

Apart from being unable to access the QR code I really enjoyed playing this one :) 

Sorry it took so long bud 

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I remember playing ROT, I am mildly freaked out by the number....

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Quite a fun wee game :)

What a cool wee concept for a game bud 

This is such a fun wee experience, kinda split me a bit thinking, would it be better with a Mario fps or a Quackshot FPS, you already have the plungers :) 

Everythings fine, I'm just going for a wee walk up the road 

If you need a voice actor let me know :) 

Need to reupload the video sorry