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Fantastic game which I recommend any to play before watching any vids on it

Here's a wee vid

I kinda got lost, but hey it was fun :)

Really enjoyed the concept, blind playthrough :P  I recommend getting this and enjoying

This game although short is quite good. I'm not entirely sure what to make of it other than it reminds me of a section of the game Cry of Fear. I look forward to seeing what you have coming next

This game took me back to my teen years playing quest based games :) I left it early though so as not to spoil the ending to any of my viewers who might want to check it out. keep it up buds 

It was my pleasure bud :)

I think I accidentally avoided the monster :P 

Short and sharp and with a few decent scares :) keep it going bud

Don't let my sarcastic nature fool you, I really enjoyed this game. I look forward to seeing more from you in the future 

Pretty nifty wee game you have here :) 

My pleasure :) keep it going buds

It was a pleasure to play

I did indeed :) looking forward to the full version :)

That's probably a good thing :P

I was in two minds to post this or not, I decided to post it regardless as some things just need to be seen. thank you for making this.

Here ya go

Am I fashionably late? 

I do love a bit of twin stick shooter fun :) 

I don't think I got to the horror part yet, but what I did see was very entertaining :)

Thanks bud :) can't believe I didn't notice the email at the bottom to get the YouTuber version lol, but hey I'm hooked regardless. will be getting this when it's available

Really enjoyed this :) 

....weeeeeeeell I may forgo the whole waiting for  folk thing and play anyway :D

I'm not usually into this style of game but I was intrigued by it. If I get enough requests I'll certainly be playing more 

Saw this here, did not realise the full game was released on Steam. really impressed with the atmosphere

I actually enjoyed this once I figured out what I was doing 

Unusual wee game indeed but fun to play 

No worries :)


Curious to see more now :)

Did the game give me a scare? well, only one way to find out :) 

awesome :) I'm all for games that use a sense of dread over cheap and nasty jump scares, looking forward to seeing what you come up with

My main issue with this wee demo was the bookcase, needs to be a bit more obvious, other than that pretty solid effort 

I'm interested to see where this goes, interesting mechanic but needs a wee bit more dread in my honest

opinion. keep it going though

Really enjoyed this one :) that first ending was hilarious :D  Keep it going bud, I'll make a vid on your other game next week too

Besides the Key issue I really enjoyed playing this, the atmosphere and sound design were fantastic, putting the triple A horrors to shame here :)  

Interesting wee title 

So I made a vid on it

Very cool demo

Better late than never