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Sorry it took so long but Finally Grandpa Pancake has played the game :) 

I recorded before the update....eep 

This was bizarre but in a good way, really enjoyed myself while playing, kudos devs :) 

I've never been someones favourite before :) thank you

Apart from being unable to access the QR code I really enjoyed playing this one :) 

Sorry it took so long bud 

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I remember playing ROT, I am mildly freaked out by the number....

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Quite a fun wee game :)

What a cool wee concept for a game bud 

This is such a fun wee experience, kinda split me a bit thinking, would it be better with a Mario fps or a Quackshot FPS, you already have the plungers :) 

Everythings fine, I'm just going for a wee walk up the road 

If you need a voice actor let me know :) 

Need to reupload the video sorry

Finally got this one edited :) awesome wee game bud! and you lot play the game before you watch any vids on it.

There was a tiny table and chair set.....instant win 

The absolutely true horror of working in retail here!! 

This was a surreak experience but I would recommend to anyone who wants to play it to play it before watching any videos first 

I played this a while back, loving the new version 

This was a really fun game and I am very impressed with the credit reflection 

Noooooooooooooooo :P

I have to be honest I wasn't a fan of the game... however you included a mechanic that was very entertaining for me :) for a first game it wasn't too bad. keep working on your creations and I'll keep checking them out 

Ahhhh cool :)

heh I'm happy people like it :)

I had a lot of fun playing this one :) 

I recommend playing the game for yourselves before watching any videos on it, play games spoiler free first :) I enjoyed the story a lot and I cannot wait to see more 

I watched some older vids of people playing this and the monster seemed a little more forgiving in them....or I just suck at outrunning any case here's my vid 

Really  enjoyed playing this, I laughed and I got a scare :) 

Such a fun wee game :) 

Loved it....what else can I say 

I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather bud, but I have to be honest in my gameplays 

Really enjoyed this. Hope to see more from you in the future. Now I should go play Rusty Lake and see what I've been missing 

I liked the idea behind this game but I honestly didn't feel immersed enough to appreciate the work you put into it.  

Interesting wee game

Really interesting wee demo, looking forward to the full release 

Boing Boing Boing 

Certainly an interesting concept :) 

Smash Mouth??? :P