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Scott Topping

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are the games going to get ranked and winners announced for the prizes?

are the games going to be ranked or scored based on anything?

love the art work and its a cool unique idea

cant get it to launch :(

Hey, I really liked you game and hope that you get time to create more levels in the future. 

One adjustment I would make is to have a way to spawn blocks that wont move around when they are hit by another?

Really love the animation when you die and go back to the start :)

Heyo! I added menus XD

It's beautiful!

JellyBean merch when?!

May I ask what for?

Love it Matt!

Think the controls are very intuitive and easy to pickup. I'm also a fan of the particle effects from the rocket.

The main thing I would change is that you pass the level as soon as the rocket touches the blue pad, for example you can literally  crash head first into it and still pass. I would make it so you actually have to successfully land the rocket.

Great Job Matt, and good luck with all your future prospects.

Great story telling.feel like i connected to it on a deep level.

solid game!

10/10 must play, cant wait to continue helping and to play the full game one day!

i agree, its way to hard

Thanks for the feedback! It does need more optimization ;( We admit the controls don't work very well on old PCs as a result of this. We think the issue is that some of the events are tied to frame rate, which made the game behave differently based on computer performance.

- Jamchester PR Team