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How did you manage to get a clean pixel camera follow and movement. Attempting to do this at the moment but keep getting jittery pixels?

Love the music and gameplay. Player jumping didnt register a few times, but apart from that great job

Game has so much potential, fixing the jumping bug will make a huge improvement

Same here I've been wanting to do a game jam for a while just found myself always working to do one. I studied game design at uni and have been trying to expand my portfolio so this was a great opportunity. I know the feeling family life does creep up on you, and you tend to find time shoots by. I loved the game jam it was amazing to see everyone's  ideas come to life. 

Hi gavzooka so happy you enjoyed the game, I'd love to test your game out I'm just on my lunch break but will play it as soon as I can. Congrats on your first entry as well did you enjoy the  game jam?

hey pickles not to worry there's always next time to make a game for the jam. Theres plentiful of tutorials online since you're starting out learning how to make games. Brackeys is a good YouTube channel to begin with also BlackThornProd creates in depth tutorials. Also you should head on over to the unity tutorial webpage since there's a few tutorials you can follow along with in order to make a simple game.

Hey guy so sorry you're experiencing bugs with the game. Once you've collected all the fuel on the first planet head to the highest platform with the arrow sign and hold down the space bar to use all of the green fuel. Then by keeping the space bar held as you enter outer space you should continuously move to the next planet. By doing so the blue fuel should deplete as you're moving through outer space.

Hi pickle707 thank you for your kind words. So happy you enjoyed playing the game really appreciate your generous rating. I'd love to play your game for the jam if you're happy to send me a link.

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Hi Higingotham Game Studios, so happy you liked the game. The purpose of the fuel station was to respawn the blue fuel items if the player gets stranded on a planet, but manages to use all their red fuel. Sorry for it not being very clear in the game, was merely put there just in case the player breaks the game.

I'll definitely work on those bugs I really appreciate you taking the time to give some advice. Apart from the bugs how did you find playing the game in general ? Pathway was a Univeristy project I just built for my final hand in and didn't have a lot of time to run through the game for bugs. 

hey skycharger sorry that you encountered numerous bugs with the game. In regards to your first point A. When you experienced this issue did the rotating platform continue turning even when the power cell hadn't been placed. In terms of your point B. Could you explain a bit more as to the issue you were encountering ? Is 'Moving objects' in reference to the retracting floors and moveable pillars ?  With point C. I'll definitely add in a kill zone to respawn the player. However could you explain to me  exactly how you managed to fall through the ground so I can trace the issue. I used box colliders for the environment and I'm very interested to discover how you unfortunately managed to fall through the map. 

hey SkyCharger thank you for taking the time to play it. Was it the first room you found to be too dark ?