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I'll definitely work on those bugs I really appreciate you taking the time to give some advice. Apart from the bugs how did you find playing the game in general ? Pathway was a Univeristy project I just built for my final hand in and didn't have a lot of time to run through the game for bugs. 

hey skycharger sorry that you encountered numerous bugs with the game. In regards to your first point A. When you experienced this issue did the rotating platform continue turning even when the power cell hadn't been placed. In terms of your point B. Could you explain a bit more as to the issue you were encountering ? Is 'Moving objects' in reference to the retracting floors and moveable pillars ?  With point C. I'll definitely add in a kill zone to respawn the player. However could you explain to me  exactly how you managed to fall through the ground so I can trace the issue. I used box colliders for the environment and I'm very interested to discover how you unfortunately managed to fall through the map. 

hey SkyCharger thank you for taking the time to play it. Was it the first room you found to be too dark ?