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scorpio rising

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Received my copy of the hardback today.  It looks *great*.  Feels rugged and durable, easy to read and very crisp printing.  I'm really pleased with the smaller form factor: Fits great in my book bag!

Oh shoot, you are of course right. I missed that in my initial skim through. I think I'm just used to printing all the stuff I buy because I really don't like screens at the table when I game. I can print the adventure as is, it just won't pop as an object quite as much as it could, but of course it's the content that counts.

This seems super cool. Thank you!

One request, however: could we get a single pages version in the downloads so i can print it as a booklet? The current spreads aren't really printable, or at least you end up with a weird shaped object if you do.

I love this. I've been holding off getting into journaling games despite buying several (and TITB) over the last few years. But this made me want to break through the barrier. Your journaling makes me think of Italo Calvino. It's amazing. 

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Played my first game of FIST Tactics tonight, using the Operation Macguffin map.  The "Black Omen" squad (Onigama, Inquisitaur and Rook) broke in to a SMERSH base to recover a vital reactor core.

It took me a minute to grok the rules, particularly because FT doesn't use the PbtA mechanics.of regular FIST. (The Guards roll separately, rather than dealing damage on an Operative miss; there are no weak hits and, other than causing Noise a 6- doesn't have much effect). But once I'd loaded all that into my brain it was a lot of fun.

Looking forward to making my own maps, and maybe some custom enemies, for future scenarios.

I recently purchased a physical copy of this from a brick and mortar store in southeast Michigan.  Is there a way I can get access to the PDF from that?