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My highest score is two, I'm not too proud of myself

Good idea. The game can be something nice if you continue working on it

Sometimes the game generates obstacles which can't be played through. Turning a blind eye on that, it's just a simple game without any differences compared to other games

Fun gameplay, cool game

What the hell is going on in the comments?

In my opinion, this game is too good to be called the worst, but too bad to be played seriously

Liked the art and music, but level design is meh personally

I was waiting for a screamer gor the whole game (~_~)

I couldn't pass all the levels, but the game is made very well (liked even random-generated music)

Very good game, it would have been something big if you continued working on it

The gameplay is so du... Whait, am I playing it for fifteen minutes?!

The game is pretty fun. I just made myself to stop playing it because of the run for the highest score =D

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The music is absolutely genious, the graphics is stunning! The gameplay is something which should be remembered for ages. It's much better than even "The Witcher 3" and "Red Dead Redemption" together!

I thought that this game is going to be cringy, but it's nice! But I'm such a noob in fightings that i couldn't beat any AI without making it fly over the map)

The soundtrack is great, found no bugs, but I think that you should have done much more difficult gameplay (playing 'till the first capture is too easy with the static starting position)

This game is cool! That's a pitty that you haven't continued working on it

The style of the game is cool, but there is a great need in different enemies and weapons

P. S. - There  is a bug - after a run with boosted speed, in the next run you will be as slow as a snail (enemies too, by the way)

The game is fun for a one time, liked it. But there is a bug which made one of my crabs go out of arena's range for no reason

The soundtrack was great, but controls and gameplay are quite disappointing, sorry

Nice gameplay, good for one or two times