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Print version? Please?

Just bought my copy from Exalted Funeral, and perused the PDF. Awesome work! Can't wait to add this to my collection of MB stuff.

Is there a possibility of Print-on-Demand, since the title is no longer available via EF or MAC?

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Is there any update regarding a print version becoming available in the future? I'm all for PDF's but find them harder to use at the table than dead trees. If plans for a print version get dropped, is there a possibility of going print-on-demand, instead? I really would like to get this game, but again, I'm all about having dead-tree editions, if possible. Should print or POD still be on the table, I have no issue dropping some cash now on the PDF.

No, it's cool. I got it already.

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Hi! I purchased a physical copy of FtD, but have not heard anything about it being shipped. I have updated my address here on, and have followed the advice given to Randomninja (who had a similar problem) to email Jordan, but haven't received a response to that email.

Could someone please tell me what is going on with the delivery of my book, please?