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I was very impressed with this. The visuals were amazing, the story line was intriguing, the beasts were even more outstanding. I did not want this to end. I want to know more of the story and see more creations.  I would vote for this as best indie horror of 2024.  Good job

edit: I was thinking about this game all day today wanting more! Please start a dev team with your group. you guys WILL succeed!

Here are my impressions for anyone interested

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I figured it out. press space once after "'VIDEO' AND". Then it will move the rest of the text down

oh ok i understand. Good job anyways. I hope to see more!

Wait... all those spiders weren't supposed to be there? I'd keep them. That was creepy 

Very good game. I enjoyed this. I am not afraid of spiders but for some reason, that really got me. Here is my impressions if anyone is interested.

Absolutely enjoyed this title. I hope there will be more to this! Great Job!

Video above is my playthrough and impressions if anyone is interested. 

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Another awesome game by Aza Game Studios. I wish it was longer! Here is my impressions if anyone is interested. 

As always, max horror has definitely delivered. I wish they were longer!
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Outstanding job on this. I enjoyed every part of this masterpiece! 

Here is my playthrough if anyone is interested. 

This game scared me beyond belief, and I don't know why. Excellent job. I am following for future releases!

Here is my playthrough. I did miss quite a few jumpscares but even with that It was still fantastic.

THIS GAME BROKE ME!! [ Sabishii Gameplay ] (

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I have played many vidas games along with the first dye the bunny. I will be back for more. Good job!  Wishlisted and can't wait for the full release!

Heres my impressions

Most games on Itch do this. Why are you here if you're worried about games not releasing on major platforms? If you're worried about one dollar, you have other problems you should focus on.