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I also felt that Midori came across as a bit selfish and entitled. I couldn't take to her at all.

Is this essentially the same as the other versions? It's not missing anything (apart from colour, obviously)?

My Playdate arrived a week ago and I've been having a ball with it but I wanted to try something that wasn't included in Season 1 and I came across this little beauty.

This is exactly the kind of game that I want to see on Playdate, and is the reason I bought it. Really like the air of mystery in the game, the puzzles were well thought out and the soundtrack is top notch. Even though I've finished it, I'm pretty sure it's something I will keep coming back to from time to time when I have a bit of time to spare.

On thing - the ending - without spoiling it for anyone, does it just run indefinitely or does something happen? I left it running after your name came up for a few minutes expecting something to happen, not sure it's supposed to? 

To say this is your first game, and written in Pulp at that, I actually feel it's really polished and well thought out. I would love to see more from you - or even add multiple endings so that it would give a reason to replay. Perhaps in a sequel maybe?

Also, the lack of crank use doesn't bother me. There's many games that use it, so it's nice to have a game that plays traditionally, rather than to try to shoehorn a control method in where it doesn't need to be :)

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Fantastic little game that keeps me coming back to dig up my flowers and see what messages I've missed! Also really like the mini game, which helps pass the time while my flowers are blooming.

Only real niggle I have is that I don't find Midori a particularly likeable character.  I won't spoil anything for those that have yet to play it, but I just think she comes across as a bit entitled. Not sure if that was intentional or not, but I can't take to her. Perhaps it's maybe because I'm a little older than she is portrayed to be, but I just can't relate to her or her world view. Also, the game isn't fully "real-time". Sure there's a clock on display which is nice but sometimes people's actions don't tie in with the actual time of day - such as going to college at 11pm, and going to bed at 3pm? It just feels a

However, that doesn't spoil the overall experience. The use of the crank is thoughtful and there's enough to keep me coming back just to see the story develop (and for me to earn a ton of money :))

I'm glad I made this my first "bought" game for my Playdate, and I can't wait to see what RNG have in store for us next :)