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death lmao

epic stuf ne mene

this game sucks

well it should work atleast

yes it will work

well the game is for a challenge video on my channel and i want some donations so maybe not rn but later on… thank u!

thanks man for buying the game!

Thank u for the feedback

Thank u will fix the bugs if we can!

Thank u will check out ur game!

Thank u so much!

thank u for the feedback :)

u could also make a yt video :) just a suggestion! but it would be nice

they crash :) and they explode so u need to avoid that



thanks! idk why the button didnt work :)

super juicy love it

Very Cute! Loved the game, Very Juicy!

Thanks Manisha!

thanks for the feedback :) Yes the bullets should prob have timer :) thank u


Hmm i basically just exported it to windows, lol, I think it should work


wow! how did u code this?

I am the owner speaking

u used bad words, we warned u not to, yet u did, and u were spreading rumours! which is not good so the Admins and decided to ban u

We couldnt add the music in time bois

you got banned for spreading rumours and using bad words

Thx man for the feedback! Ye im making this game into a full release and ur tips and improvements will be added! Thanks!

good game

the movement is terrible, not to be rude, but idk what todo in the game, I cant kill anything

Cool Game!

Thx dude! Ye im remaking this game into a full release, and feedback was needed, thx, ill be sure to fix everything up when it release!

thats very tru!

thx man