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First up - fantastic demo. I have a little indie game tournament thing I run at work and Toasterball is a hit. I had it 2v2 (each player controlling a single toaster slot) which is not quite intended play, but we made it work. We played before the update and after and want to give a bit of feedback on the variants.

Everyone loved Toaster Pong - it was by far the favorite variant. No bread and tiny toasters felt like interesting ways to play. Double ball was a bit random and frenzied and more random than the others, but generally more enjoyed than disliked. The one variant that most players were frustrated by was large toasters with no toast, mainly because the doors were barely higher than the toasters. This meant the primary strategy would be to shuffle the gigantic toaster back into your goal and stay there. It was very difficult with no toast to attempt to aim the ball at the opponent's button and single points lasted a long time and became a bit uninteresting.

That's all! Keep up the good work. The game is a blast and seeing the experimentation in the variants was overall very exciting.