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I am running the game on Linux, Nvidia drivers, ... (if you need to know more, just ask)

Mostly, the tiles are adjacent, neighboring smoothly, but sometimes, I see super thin black borders around them, not on all 4 sides (although I have seen that too), but usually only on 1 or 2 sides and usually, the tiles below or above have it too.

It looks like some floating point precision errors on the gpu. I don't know how you implemented the rendering so I can't tell you more. Maybe you can solve it by adding some mathematical correction factors or by doing relative rendering instead of absolute rendering. Or maybe you can solve it by just clearing the back buffer with a brownish color so nobody notices anymore.

I never use the electrical switch to disable buildings. I know that keeping every device powered is wasteful but I hate organizing the whole switch system because you need to make these switches well accessible and you need a very good base design to make it work properly. Instead, I just build a lot of power generators and batteries so that my base almost never runs out of energy with all devices running. Why not add the possibility to remote flip the switches and have a base room dedicated to all these switches? While being in that room, you can then flip any switch from a distance. Maybe even add a remote control (more expensive, some kind of 'wireless' research?) so that you can do it from anywhere in the base? I see a lot of more potential in 'wireless' research.

I thnk it was possible in Don't Starve too, to play the game without a mouse. I like to play games with my laptop on my lap and the touchpad is not easy to use in games. When you are close to a thing you would normally left/right click on, you could map a key to do the same action that would happen when clicked. I think it's completely possible in this game.