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Splendid. Lovely. A great time.

A wonderful game.

Slowlypoorly does have it right when they talk about the menu and the camera's sensitivity being a little too much. It's kind of rough getting lost or disoriented when spotted by security or caught in the rain. Plus I can jump while dead sometimes.

But those are my only concerns. It's the little things--the alarm of the security robots that warns you, the thunder before the rain, the faint red of a beacon to be activated, the shadows underneath the buildings to tell you where to take cover--that really demonstrate your competence as a designer. Aesthetically and mechanically, Backland is all around a nice time. It's solid.

And please, if you can... tell me how you managed this wonderful pixelated effect. I've never been one to want to make a 3D game, but with this effect in place it sure is tempting.

I'm very glad that you enjoyed it, despite its technical goofs.

Thank you so much for playing. Stay Wicked!

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Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I've added a Linux version just for you, as well as other Linux users that might have otherwise been scared off.

I don't have any technical expertise with this sort of thing, but do let me know if it launches and runs and such. If it fails, I might have to simply discontinue it.

My biggest complaints are with the controls. It's kinda weird that sneaking into a house is mostly just opening the door and walking inside.

That being said, I did not realize that I loved stealing so much. I try to maximize my loot per run, and that's the most fun for me. Definitely, definitely, keep up the good work.