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Unfortunately, no.

I'm so glad to hear that you like it! It's been years since I finished it, so I'm a little embarrassed about it now...
Since then, though... even I have become a Linux user! So, there's nothing to apologize for.

I like the music and especially the art.

It is really difficult, isn't it? Thank you for playing my game even though it was tough!

I can see you've employed the secret PICO 8 color techniques.
Not to mention, the music is great. Thank you for sharing!

Within the first few minutes, I was immediately impressed!

The characters and animations are truly immaculate. It's clear a lot of work went in and it shows. I'm a particularly big fan of the battle against the dragon; the cutscene there was a riot to experience.

I'm also super interested in the mechanics. It's immediately clear to me that as the game continues, the battles will continue to be tactical and detailed; the CP system is quite neat. I enjoy it! I'd be excited to see more battles and enemies.

I also found myself more fond of the characters than I thought... which was a pleasant surprise. Each was an interesting individual, and managed to stick out in my head in spite of how many I was introduced to.

I was a worried that the UI would be a little too noisy; colorful aesthetics like these can be a little blinding to me, personally, but it wasn't so bad. My game was a little bit choppy, too, but I have kind of a slow computer, and it was still extremely playable otherwise. I have a few more specific hiccups that I'll leave on Discord.

But in the end, for some reason, I feel like Ressurflection sets itself apart. I'm glad I kept my ear to it, and I'm eager to see where the characters and mechanics go next!

Ah, drat!
I was just about to download!
I eagerly await the update, then, ha!

Is it possible to:

1. Adjust the tempo of the song while it's playing? For instance, if I wanted the song to start off at a slow tempo, but get faster partway through, how would I do this?

2. Cut off a sequence partway. For example, one of my favorite songs has a 7/8 time signature for most of it, but has 4/4 bars spread throughout it. Is there a way to replicate that in Patatracker?

Thanks very much! This is such a neat program.

Hey, I kinda like it!
It's kind of vague and traditional, but that's kind of what's nice about it.
It says "BETA" on the file, but is there any idea how long the game is as of now?

Maybe I'll have to check out your game sometime to better understand what you mean.

Like.... like what?

Do it well, with all your heart.
The world needs a game like this.

Splendid. Lovely. A great time.

A wonderful game.

Slowlypoorly does have it right when they talk about the menu and the camera's sensitivity being a little too much. It's kind of rough getting lost or disoriented when spotted by security or caught in the rain. Plus I can jump while dead sometimes.

But those are my only concerns. It's the little things--the alarm of the security robots that warns you, the thunder before the rain, the faint red of a beacon to be activated, the shadows underneath the buildings to tell you where to take cover--that really demonstrate your competence as a designer. Aesthetically and mechanically, Backland is all around a nice time. It's solid.

And please, if you can... tell me how you managed this wonderful pixelated effect. I've never been one to want to make a 3D game, but with this effect in place it sure is tempting.

I'm very glad that you enjoyed it, despite its technical goofs.

Thank you so much for playing. Stay Wicked!

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Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I've added a Linux version just for you, as well as other Linux users that might have otherwise been scared off.

I don't have any technical expertise with this sort of thing, but do let me know if it launches and runs and such. If it fails, I might have to simply discontinue it.

My biggest complaints are with the controls. It's kinda weird that sneaking into a house is mostly just opening the door and walking inside.

That being said, I did not realize that I loved stealing so much. I try to maximize my loot per run, and that's the most fun for me. Definitely, definitely, keep up the good work.