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I loved the game entirely. It has the silly mood that I expected and I can't wait to play more!

What are the chances this is gonna get released, though? And what are the chances that you won't break any copyright?

i like the concept, the graphics and the music!

I just found annoying that the camera doesnt follow the mouse when you reach screen edges, so there's nothing you can do to prevent the ball to fall at that point.

Also, i think the ball can actually drop from the front and back side of the platform (not just from left\right) if you move the mouse too quickly.

With some power up\obstacles this could be a pretty cool game to play. Good job!

how do i actually get to play the game? after inserting the password, your game's page has no download\play button :O

very nice concept. got some time to get used to controls but i totally enjoyed it after that!

idk why you didnt wanna publish the game!

It's my fav in the jam! very gj!

i liked it! it's difficult enough but not completely hard!

add some power-ups and maybe different kind of enemies to make it even more fun!

interesting concept! by adding some visual assets it can be even more fun!

GJ and keep it up!

one of my favourites!

and the wooden posts' smiles are the best! ;D

cant run the app?

error 0xc0000022

Interesting idea!

The game is really challenging and requires quite a bit of coordination!

I would probably set the keydown events exclusive: at the moment, i can smash all the keys together and "cheat" on the game :D

yep i loved it as well!

i like the concept.

the only thing i found frustating was manually shutting down the game window every time i died.

personally, i would give more time and space to the user to try the controls before getting engaged by enemies and before having to dodge that annoying rock :D

I have always been a fan of clicker games! I enjoyed this!

PS: I loved the music!


The game was my first attempt to Blender and tried to keep thing simple :D

hey man! thanks once again for taking time to give feedback!

i am aware of the first issue, but had no time to look into it. i guess it's probably caused by the materials i am using.

i cant replicate the second issue. what i guess is that the game controls arent so explicit and probably you are aiming in a way i didnt take into account :D 

As for the angle, you are totally right: at the moment it's a fixed angle. If i had more time, I would make it change with mouse dragging backwards, but I really had no time to do that and to make the UI more clear for the purpose.

I guess I had to spend too much time learning Blender from the scratch :)

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Night could be very interesting by making the sound more indicative of mines' positions.

Personally, I prefer it over Day! 


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Hey, thanks for taking time to try the game and comment! It was hard to deliver something nearly playable on time due to job deadlines :D

Probably the difficulty progression is a bit slow, but the enemies do spawn in bigger numbers and there are also cars from level 4 on.