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HEY!! gib more plz


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can someone please tell me how to enter Xanthe's route? I don't even know what i did wrong i just stuck to the 3 option. Lyell Bae or Victoria. please send help. anyone!!

nevermind, i apparently following the wrong order of the first 6 question. i put 331132 instead of 111333. i just pulled a Sierra there for a second. sorry.

second question, is this halal?

is this accurate to indonesian high school? i went to vocational school and kinda wanna feel how it's like in high school

this game so good but i personally felt that it is so short. i really love this game from the combat, the story, the dialogue, so good yet so limited. so much more i want to do, to found, to experience. i know that this is just a little spin off and there's a larger and grander game coming up soon, but that also mean we hit the real end for this story which makes me kind of sad.

hey, thanks for responding to me and keep trying to help me, i ended up re installing the game and delete all my data, and it's works. even though i lost all my progress, well you win some you lose some. anyway once again thank you for your time

i have come and buy cloth multiple time. and every time i bought her entire stock. maybe it happen because of that? maybe i shouldn't just come and yell "shut up and take my money" also may i ask at what day can you access the premium program

heyya i don't know if it's a bug or i simply missed a step. but i somehow can't find some of the clothing product. so far i'm seeing plain stuff (undies and shirt) and the newly added stuff (sneaker etc) i can't find the skirt and the bow tie which i'm assuming is necessary to access the new outside content. i have restarted the game and re-installing the game. please tell me if there's a missing step that i forgot to take or maybe some decision blocking me from getting it. thanks.

damn this game slaps harder than my mom when i lost my lunch box. you got more of this?

this 2017 game about mysterious disease are set in 2020?? oh boy

it's pretty good, l really enjoy it. light, funny, a bit heartwarming. perfect little bite size game.

not sure if this'll help but if you download the app, you could easily download the game

alright on my defense ms stretch could easily slide across the table. that's one on her not me










excuse me, are you alive?

damn straight i'm straight

Her mouth reminds you of Seven-Eleven, they never seem to close.

as someone from Indonesia, this jokes makes me laugh harder than it should.

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well, at least 1 of my 2 favourite interactive novel are at full steam

between this and the chosen one, which one is your main project?

if yu si anie spelig ers, menton thos oo, plese!


well well well. did i struck a gold??

aww man, you just broke my heart. this entire charade feels like a pre-packaged wound with salt attached. extra painful extra bitter, but for the better

i got to say i'm a bit disappointed at the end, a rude reminder that wound will leave a scar. but i guess there's no flawless tale with no struggle and a happy ending doesn't always a perfect ending.

anyway i'd say 10/10


i am totally embarrassed by the sheer amount of time i've spent at the chapter 1 screen not knowing that i have to press it. good game tho

Adventure High community · Created a new topic HP route?

when exactly does this route end, i seems to stuck after escaping the library and i can't do anything since i lost my party member and the only one left is molly which is a healer. is there a way to continue this route or its a gameover?

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why is there another game but with pro in the title uploaded by another guy just an hour ago?  you know him?

the dude named deram77

welp, i guess i'm a bit guilty since i'm also trying to get his reaction. sorry hehe~

whaa-- he's gone

well they already put lgbt which as far as i know stands for lesbian, gay, bi, and trans. its a schrodinger situation, it may or may not contain trans, and nobody knows until they play it. but at the very last it is what it is dude. either take it or leave it

there's an lgbt tag listed in the description, you sign up for this comrade

this game is so  good i want to bang my head so hard to get amnesia so i can experience it for the first time again. great work!

this doesn't feels right

dang it

where's Project1

is there a place for grinding level and money?

morning good sir, can you help me get the password to the shadowy figure on the basement, i heard that i need a certain coordinate then look it up on google maps and check it's review for the pass. but the dumbass that i am somehow couldn't figure out how to find the review. and after trying to figure it out for almost an hour i've given up and would very much appreciate a little help.

also another thing, can you go pass the pony scene? cuz i decide to just rollback and choose to ignore it. is it how its suppose to be or am i a moron?

man chapter 27 end in such a good place, i don't think i dare to see 28