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Reported for scamming.

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As a mighty choco werehound brute from Cookie Run: Kingdom, I must express my utmost disappointment in Miraclegame's so-called "A cool pack of 99 games." What a load of nonsense! When I downloaded this supposed pack of games, all I got was a PDF of someone's math homework. Seriously, Miraclegame? Are you trying to mock us, the true connoisseurs of gaming?

First of all, let's talk about false advertising. Promising 99 games and delivering zero games is an insult to every gamer out there. Secondly, who in their right mind thinks it's acceptable to pass off homework as entertainment? I wield a massive hammer in Cookie Run: Kingdom, and I can assure you, Miraclegame, that if I could reach through the screen, you'd feel the wrath of my hammer for this travesty!

The gameplay was nonexistent, the graphics were non-existent (unless you count algebraic equations as graphics), and the overall experience was a complete waste of my time and bandwidth. Do yourself a favor, dear reader, and steer clear of this abomination.

And as if the insult couldn't get any worse, Miraclegame had the audacity to label this garbage as a "good game." Good game? More like a good way to lose your sanity trying to decipher trigonometry while expecting fun and entertainment!

Miraclegame, listen carefully: You have not only wasted precious space on but also insulted the entire gaming community with your deceitful tactics. I say this with all the disdain of a choco werehound brute: You deserve a taste of my hammer for daring to peddle this piece of crap around!!!

(P.S: is a place for games, not math, and I know sympathy should be given to indie developers)

He is lying

He is lying

Ah yes. qzeq

Do you want qzeq to review this?

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Yes! I managed to free the vortex!!! 

SUggestion: YOu can add a survival mode, where I have to kill as many enemies as I can before I die 3 times.

What are the levels inside? Is there level Run For Your Life(Run For Your Life! | Backrooms Wiki | Fandom), or the 64 bit integer limit level? (An Endless Ending | Backrooms Wiki | Fandom)

So how do I shoot?

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You should add that I must navigate through the barriers and open hatches coming my way and make it to the goal area, which is outer space, successfully. (Score Attack Only)

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My suggestions for you to add:

  1. Add an endless mode*
  2. Add a two-player mode

*In this mode I have to survive as long as I can and the tube must be endless.

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I only got only one 7z file so where's the executable?

I'm supposed to have these two files but I only got one.

AirCutterv2.7z78 MB

AirCutter78 MB

I've downloaded the game. How to run it?

I can see barriers in the photos. Am I supposed to dodge them?

Is it that dangerous barriers are coming my way in the tunnel and I have to avoid them?

When will you upload this game?

This project looks really good. But try to make it mobile friendly.