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We would have loved to, but the effort required was beyond the means of the team developing the game. You can try playing it on Steam Remote Play (game is free on that platform as well)

Awesome to hear, thanks! HF

Thing is I couldn't reproduce the issue in build, and by the sound of it it's not a controller support problem (since it works in the menu)

Any chance you might have tried to play the game in BOT PARTY mode only? (Which is basically event demo mode with CPU players only)
Did you encounter the screen where you can select characters? (that's when you controllers are supposed to be joined as players if the game detects any input from them)

Hey @rnnr, thanks for letting me know. To be transparent, it's not likely that I'll fix it any time soon. What kind of gamepad are you using?

yeah for now the planetoid is pretty much the goal as in it's the most expensive item to get. But there's no end to speak of, you can just play around as long as you want then move on to the next island.

Done! Couldn't test it though, hope it works.

This looks great, reminds me of the scene when you breached the Veil for the first time in Aquaria. Super clean.


Awesome, Thank you!

I now managed to get up to almost 7000. What I missed was that a planet can be oversupplied (in addition to their basic needs) to increase it's production, income and happiness. This gives you much more stuff the work with. This was in the guide actually, I just didn't get it first because there is no visual feedback that prompts you to give them extra resources (unlike the goods icon the appear next to satisfied hive worlds for example)

I think if you moved the portruding pixels on the left side of either one to the top it might solve it for me. I have problem telling them apart because their outlines are the same, and when the right side is covered by another resource, there's only one pixel difference, and that is only in color.

Wow, I must be missing something... I can barely get over 4000 on reasonable .

One particular issue, the mineral and nano resources are very easy to mix up when they are in the inactive state. Just putting a bright pixel in a different spot might solve it

Yes, I have been at it since the end of summer :) One thing is for sure, it would have been sooooooooooooooooooooo much simpler to do it like this.

Yeah, a number of people told us they don't like the slow-mo powerup. We were thinking about a slow down trap, which affects the bunny who picks it up, but you can kick it like the ball and sic it onto the opponent.

I uploaded a 32bit version for you.  ^_^

With XBox 360 controllers it should already work as you described... What controller are you using? An option to rebind controls is pretty high on our roadmap, no promises when, but it will be one of the first features to be added.  

Glad you loved it, and thanks for sharing :) Lemme know how playing with your friends turned out

Thanks, fixed it.