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A demo version would be great. Thanks!

Nice game, good fun, but: I´d love to have joypad control, plus I´m not a great fan of the fact that the rocket can get destroyed.

Nice game! Posted a recommendation on the German ZX forum.

Found it. Cheers! :-)

Same here. I bought Shovel Adventure (great game), but I cannot download the Tokimal demo.

Very good game! Thanks a lot!

Looks like my gamepad had a fault; a new one is working fine with Pepper Pengui. Still an option to reconfigure keys would be nice.

Great game, good fun! I´d only suggest to either add gamepad support or have the keys configurable. Z&X don´t work well on the German keyboad layout.

After all the graphical glitches I experienced in earlier versions, I can confirm it´s working now. Good job!

Thank you!!!

A demo version would be great.

Cool! Will try out that new version. Thank you!

My OS is a 64-bit one. How to find out the installed OpenGL version ? Wouldn´t a check in the game be a good idea?

Hooray! With the game is working now. Thanks so much! Great game, very nicely done!

Still no luck. Anything I can send to you for investigation?

I have the latest official Radeon drivers installed and no issues with any other program.

Will try. Many thanks!

Background graphics on my machine are all broken.

Still no luck. Game starts, there is action on the screen for two seconds, then it freezes and closes down itself a second later.

Sure! Thanks for taking care.

With the latest version installed, the first level starts, then freezes and finally closes down.

I had the same issue, but my system has a Radeon graphics card.